About Us

Golden Leaf CBD

At Golden Leaf CBD we are health conscientious just like you. We were seeking an alternative health solution outside of big Pharma and corporate America.

We have years of experience formulating pharma-grade supplements that work. We launched Golden Leaf CBD back in early 2016. We know what we are doing.

You are health conscious just like us. We are different than most people and we only want the best products. Unlike the corporate guys who just push out products that don’t meet label claims.

  • Our prices are not super cheap. We don’t sell poor quality CBD.
  • We are picky with the stores and distributors we allow to carry our brand.
  • We are researching which high quality edibles to add.

We actually care about selling only the best products. If you contact us we actually respond. You can even chat directly with the owner. We respond to emails quickly.

We are not the corporate guys. Basically, we like doing business with people just like you.

We limit our production run sizes to keep only fresh product on the shelves. Get your order in today as our supplies are limited.