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Government research on CBD and Stress

By August 2, 2018

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic response for a variety of ailments. Among these are epilepsy, depression, stress, and a multitude of other problems. Over the past years, scientists have studied the effects of hemp-based CBD on illnesses plaguing humanity.

Where is the research from?

A review of the studies can be found on http://www.pubmed.com. Multiple abstracts, or short reviews of these studies can be found there. Most current scientific studies are found there. To read the actual studies, and all the scientific jargon, an in interested reader must pay hundreds of dollars. This article reviews a small portion of those abstracts available in the study of CBD.

As is always the case, these kinds of studies are not initially focused on human subjects. Rather than take chances on hurting people, they first test away from humans or animals, in vitro, or in a test tube or testing situation. These tests check for possible resolutions to health problems and the side effects that may occur from the use of new, or newly approved, medications.

After sufficient in vitrostudies, the next studies are focused on animals, most often rats. When people worry about abusing animals for our medical testing, people rarely complain about abusing a rat the way they do for other animals. All the animal studies reported on pubmed.com reported rat testing.

Finally, scientists move to studies using humans as subjects. They must move carefully, avoiding the appearance of damaging or hurting those who were a part of their studies. Most of the studies of the safety and viability of CBD on different aspects of human illness are just beginning to be moved to a study of humans and CBD.

In Vitro and Rat Studies

Multiple in vitro and rat studies have suggested that CBD has beneficial potential to treat stress problems. Among those specifically studied are stress, PTSD, Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), anti-stress and anti-anxiety, motivation disorders, addictions, panic disorder, learning and memory issues, and other multiple anxiety disorders. In every study, the scientists concluded that their results suggest that CBD has potential to be beneficial for each of these stress problems. However, more studies are necessary to understand how it works and what the side effects may be.

Only in the study of reducing the effects of drug addiction, particularly THC or marijuana addiction, do the results conflict. In this, there is no specific direction to help users know if CBD will help or hurt in overcoming the effects of THC. This study, like all others, needs further evaluation and study.

If you read these studies for assurance that CBD will solve your particular stress problem, the results you will find are that although CBD has been used for centuries, there is no finite study that will give you proof that CBD will help you. Until these tests are completed, you will need to continue to depend on social proof from the experiences of others to help make your decision.


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